“The export price of ginger in March increased from 30% to 40%”


“The export price of fresh ginger in March of this year has increased by around 30% to 40% compared to the same period last year. This development is mainly due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, as well as to the speculative behavior of buyers. on the market. The new ginger is still at the seed planting stage. People have to wait until November before ginger can be harvested. This is according to the director of Zhenzhou Youan Food Co., Ltd.

“The export volume of fresh ginger has reached 440.9 thousand tons. This is a decrease of 15.42% compared to the export volume of ginger of 521.3 thousand tons in 2016. It is estimated that the overall expansion of this season will be around 10%. that fresh ginger growers will use a total of 1,685,200 tonnes of ginger seeds. This is an increase of 153.2 thousand tonnes compared to the same period of the previous year. “

The hydroponic greenhouse for organic ginger production by Shenzhou Ginger Cellar Agricultural Group and Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

“Sweet ginger is a tasty variety of fresh ginger that has entered the snack category in China. Sweet ginger has been a traditional national appetizer between meals for many years. Sweet ginger originated from the automated hydroponic greenhouse. of Shenzhou Ginger Cellar Agricultural Group and Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Three national patents ensure that sweet ginger is produced without chemical pesticide. “Lu Pai” has become a well-known national brand which represents the unique flavor of fresh ginger and management of safety and healthy and fresh manufactured products with ginger. “

Fresh organic ginger

“This company owns 33 hectares of hydroponic greenhouses for growing and planting organic ginger in Xiashan District, Weifang City. This zone is the only “National Certified Organic Product Demonstration Zone” in Shandong, China. The reason why we decided to develop greenhouse plantings is that Outdoor fresh ginger production easily suffers from extreme plant diseases and pests. carries serious risks for food security. Greenhouse planting can effectively adjust the temperature and extend the growing period of fresh ginger. This allows us to increase the volume of production and the quality of the product.

Fresh organic ginger

“The trace elements in organic ginger are 4 to 22 times higher than regular ginger. In addition, the taste and aroma are stronger. The price of organic ginger is 5 to 6 times higher than the price of ginger. ordinary. Organic ginger receives a warm welcome in the market. Although the area devoted to the production of fresh ginger in China is large, the area devoted to the greenhouse production of organic ginger is extremely limited. This is mainly due to the fact that the cost of producing a plantation of fresh ginger is relatively high.

Sweet ginger

“In addition to the traditional products made from fresh ginger, we also have another successful product, sweet ginger. The value of sweet ginger as a snack and medicine means that sweet ginger also receives a lot of praise in overseas markets. The consumer demographics are gradually shifting from middle age and older people to younger people. “

Sweet ginger

“At this current stage, 70% of our products are sold in wholesale markets and supermarkets in first and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. 30% of our products are shipped via the port of Qingdao and exported to the Netherlands. , Germany, Italy, England and other European countries, as well as countries in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. At present, the export volume is stable and the export price has steadily increased compared to last year. “

Shandong Shenzhou Youan Food Co., Ltd

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