Taiwanese mango import price expected to increase by 20-30%


This year Taiwan experienced the worst drought in 100 years. Fruit reserves in many production areas have declined and available irrigation water has been reduced. In addition, many production areas suffered from plant diseases and insect pests. Taiwanese mangoes suffered from thrips. Taiwanese agronomists estimate that the mango production volume will be reduced by 50%. Hong Kong fruit importers expect the price of Taiwanese mangoes to rise 20 to 30 percent.

The volume of precipitation started to decrease last year and this year in the spring the rain did not increase significantly. Agriculture Ministry data shows agricultural sector suffered financial loss of NT $ 478 million [17.08 million USD] in the first month of spring. Chen Shu’en, professor of agricultural business management at Pingdong University of Science and Technology, explained that mango is most affected by drought among all agricultural products in Taiwan. Financial loss in mango industry has already reached NTD 307 million [10.97 million USD]. And the consequences will continue, which means the financial losses will get worse.

Professor Chen Shu’en pointed out that the lack of irrigation water is not the main culprit for financial losses in the mango industry, but the lack of water makes mangoes more vulnerable to pests. . This year, the appearance of thrips disrupted the normal sequence of flowering, pollination and fruit growth. The production volume has decreased by around 50%. Most of the damage is in the mango plantations in Pingdong, but according to Professor Chen Shu’en, there are also many mango plantations in Tainan, including the home of consumers’ favorite “Aiwen mango”. However, the growing season in Tainan is slightly later than in Pingdong, which is why the damage is not yet so noticeable.

Mr. Yang, spokesperson for Hong Kong fruit retailer ‘Dr. Fruit ‘explained that Taiwanese mangoes are already delayed for a month due to extreme drought. They will not enter the market in large volumes until the beginning of May or the middle of the month. The production volume is expected to decrease by 30-50% compared to last year. Last year, the price of imported Aiwen mangoes was around HK $ 600 [77.24 USD] per box of 5 kg. This year, the mango production volume has decreased and the price is therefore expected to increase by up to 30%. The price of premium mangoes already exceeds HKD 700 [90.12 USD] per box of 5 kg.

Hong Kong customers love mangoes, Yang said. In previous years, the season would have already started. Many customers wonder when the mangoes will arrive in large volumes. The Aiwen mangoes currently on the market are much smaller than last year and the main supply is delayed. Mr. Yang expects orders to arrive once conditions improve.

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