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Dean Turner stands outside the Turner Brothers Garage at 4701-4726 Broadway in Quincy. | david adam

QUINCY — Ownership of a business started by five brothers more than 90 years ago recently changed hands, and popular real estate on Broadway will soon be available for purchase.

Turner Brothers Garage had been at 4701-4726 Broadway since 1969, but Dean Turner sold the business in January. It is now owned by Nick’s Garage, LLC, which is owned by Richard M. Ehrhart.

“My mom (Gloria Turner) hung on for as long as she could,” Turner said. “She is 87 and her health is just beginning to decline. She controlled everything in the office and all the paperwork. Mom is owner number 1. She threw the can down the road as far as she wanted to throw it down the road.

“And basically, I’m in my 60s. I have been in this business for 44 years. My wife (Mary) and I wanted to get away from it all for a bit of travel.”

The five employees who worked at Turner Brothers Garage continue to work on trucks for Kohl’s Wholesale, BNSF Railway, Farm & Home Supply and Doyle Manufacturing.

“We were lucky someone came in and hired all of us, so no one had to be fired,” Turner said.

Two farms were razed in 1968 to make way for the garage to be built by Shortridge Construction.

Turner Brothers “was moving into the country” in 1969

“When we first moved here, my dad said, ‘We’re moving to the country,'” Turner said. “Today, this land is really no longer suitable for a garage. After all, it’s one of the highest priority corners of Quincy in terms of traffic – maybe for a hotel group, maybe Walgreens, maybe CVS. This is for someone who not only wants to buy the property, but also wants to buy the traffic.

Turner expects to market the sale of the 3.0678-acre lot in April. A 2.5 acre parcel is zoned C2, but another 0.5 acre parcel is zoned C1B. An ordinance amending the city plan to zone the entire C2 property will get a third and final reading at Monday’s city council meeting.

“We still have to get an assessment,” Turner said. “And then we just pulled out our antennae. After we get the review, we’ll know what we’re talking about before we can just say, “Hey, wanna buy this?”

A document at the Adams County Recorder’s office signed Jan. 26 shows that Nick’s Garage leases the 2.5-acre lot on the Turner Brothers property. It also shows that both parties agree that Nick’s Garage will have first option to purchase the land. If another company makes a “good faith” offer, Nick’s Garage will have 30 days to match that offer.

Troup says he can help potential buyers meet Turner

Quincy Mayor Mike Troup says it helps him know when prime real estate like the Turner Brothers property is available for sale.

“I don’t have buyers lined up like a real estate agent or anything like that,” he said. “When Dean and his wife came to see me and talked about it, it turned out to be a place that some of the hotel developers we were talking to might show some interest in. The land is big enough to actually probably put a few different buildings. You could use an acre and a half for parking and the other acre and a half for an 85 to 100 unit hotel.

“There could be other retail outlets, but it’s a good retail space. This is going to have a lot of possibilities.

Troup sees his role in a sale like this as someone who simply helps the parties meet.

“I know people who are interested, and I can do an introduction or set up a meeting to pitch,” he said. “If they want to continue the discussion separately, we clearly don’t need to be involved.”

Five brothers started the garage in 1930 at the corner of 24th and State

To get an idea of ​​what the Turner Brothers property might be worth, a 1.0572 acre parcel at 4805 Broadway – the parcel on the east side of 48th Street across from Turner Brothers – was purchased by the Marissa Diane Messer Family Trust of Huntington Beach, California for $1.65 million in 2016. A McDonald’s restaurant now sits on this property.

White Goose Inc. purchased this property from a trust for $312,500 in 2011 and then sold it to Quincy Retail Associates, LLC, for $955,500 in 2014.

Turner Brothers Garage opened in 1930 at 518 S. 24th. David and Anna Turner of Owensboro, Ky., had eight children, and their five boys—Herbert, Herman, Herschel, Luther, and Ralph—established the business which included the garage, gas station, and parts store.

A fire destroyed the original building on December 23, 1961. Harold and Herschel Turner rebuilt the garage in the original location in late February 1962.

“It’s time to let it go,” Turner said. “I have a lot of photos at home and stuff like that. Thank goodness we’ve removed stuff over the years. If you’ve been doing this for as long as I have and you know you’ve been successful throughout, well, it’s time to end on a high note.


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