PROFILE | How Andile Hote went from cashier to commercial bank manager at Sasfin

Sasfin Commercial Bank Manager Andile Hote (Supplied)

  • Andile Hote started his career as a bank teller at the FNB in ​​Gqeberha. He is now Head of Commercial Banking at Sasfin.
  • Hote dreamed of becoming a scientific actuarial, but does not regret giving up on that goal.
  • The 41-year-old has worked in banking for almost two decades.
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Andile Hote would never have imagined that he would work in the banking sector.

About 18 years ago, he dreamed of becoming a scientific actuarial.

While earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree, his grandfather pushed him to look for a job to help the family, as he lived in a household with more than 10 other people.

“My home is where I was raised with love and kindness. My parents had also taken in other family members, my cousins, and I grew up with about 10-15 people in the house. They are my brothers and sisters,” he said.

Growing up in rural Eastern Cape, he didn’t know he was poor, as there was always umphokoqo (crumbly, amasi porridge) for everyone to eat.

Then, in his third year of college, his grandfather turned up the heat.

“He was always loving and tough in the sense of ‘enough with school now’. My income also had to start coming in and subsidizing (the family).

“It was a good thing because I would have stayed in college longer, and it’s only now that I’m working that I realize there has to be a balance. Education should be an investment,” Hote said.

Around 2005, he approached a branch of the First National Bank in present-day Gqeberha to seek employment and was lucky to get his first banking job as a cashier, thanks to the credits he he had accumulated during his course.

“As for my cashier job, I went straight to an FNB brand looking for a job,” Hote told Business Insider South Africa.

“From there, I ended up assessing individual credit within retail banking.”

FNB recognized the talent and moved him to the position of portfolio analyst – where Investec recruited him.

Hote then joined corporate bank Nedbank, setting up BEE transactions, among other responsibilities.

He left for Absa Barclays and worked with other banks such as Mercantile Bank, and now Sasfin where he helps high net worth clients looking for investments.

“Knowing that my work supports entrepreneurs, the South African economy and job creation guides my approach to every transaction we do at Sasfin. I come from these values ​​– I know what they mean to our clients. “

While starting his first job as a cashier, Hote didn’t believe he would go that far in banking.

“My destiny and the opportunities I landed on were not something I could have imagined. My control was to work hard and also to be able to spot the opportunities,” he said.

Being a cashier “taught me one thing, to always be of service. Good service has no language.”

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