National Energy Partners becomes Novitium Energy, a National Energy Partners company, now exclusively focused on commercial solar energy

VOORHEES, NJ, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Energy Partners, a leader in solar energy development, has officially been renamed Novitium Energy, a national company of energy partners. With a new name comes a commitment to focus exclusively on commercial solar solutions to deliver the greatest impact for customers and the environment.

For thirteen years, Novitium has successfully provided end-to-end renewable energy solutions to nonprofit and commercial organizations looking to save money and create a greener future. With a portfolio of over $100 millionNovitium works closely with customers across all industries to develop, finance, build, operate and maintain custom solar systems that provide the unlimited clean energy and levelized costs needed to be ready for the next decade and beyond.

Regulators, investors and consumers are demanding that companies commit to real renewable energy targets. Hundreds of companies including Amazon, Bank of America, ExxonMobil, General Motors, PepsiCo, Target, Verizon and waltz disney – have already committed to achieving greener standards[1] by implementing clean energy solutions. Novitium’s modular photovoltaic systems make it easy for commercial customers of any size to meet demand and prepare for a greener future.

Novium CEO Jeremy Conner states, “Novitium is Latin for ‘new beginnings’. The world is entering a new era of renewable energy, and we are proud to be part of it. We are committed to helping all businesses create custom solar solutions that are win-win for the environment and their bottom line.

About Novitium Energy
Novitium Energy, a National Energy Partner Company, is a nationally recognized renewable energy development company dedicated to bringing turnkey solar solutions to non-profit and commercial organizations. Founded in 2009, National Energy Partners helps clients realize the benefits and savings of clean energy while reducing their initial investment. They offer free comprehensive assessments, including cost analysis, on-site audits, available government incentives, and financing options, to assess commercial energy needs and develop strategic solutions tailored to each customer. For more information, visit NovitiumEnergy.comcall (856) 273-5761 and follow Novitium Energy on LinkedIn.

[1] NetZero Tracker

SOURCE Novitium Energy

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