Lynx security window and door screens can enhance the security of your home or business

Last year, over 42,000 incidents of burglary and/or break and enter occurred in Washington State. Half of these offenses were residential, while 33% occurred in a place of business.

While there are many ways to improve the safety and security of your home or business, there is one that is relatively new to Whatcom County residents: reinforced door and window security screens. .

These screens are now available through the Bellingham Company security lynxofficial dealer of Criminal – a long-time Australian company that manufactures criminal blocking screens and has expanded into the United States.

Ron Faber, Lynden resident and longtime Whatcom County entrepreneur, became a Crimsafe Authorized Dealer in 2021, covering Washington and British Columbia. Photo courtesy Lynx Security

Security Lynx was founded in early 2021 by Ron Faber, a Lynden resident and local contractor with decades of renovation experience. His foray into Crimsafe products began when a customer wanted a safe patio space in front of his house.

Faber started researching options and came across Crimsafe. He convinced the company to do the job, after which he was asked to become a Crimsafe dealer for Washington – a dealer conveniently located between Seattle and Vancouver, BC.

Although he already has a full-time job, Faber said yes because he was won over by the quality of Crimsafe products, both aesthetically and in terms of safety.

Crimsafe Screen Doors have tightly woven steel screens that are nearly impossible to cut or puncture and have three locking points. Photo courtesy Lynx Security

“It’s an amazing product,” he says. “We’ll put in a window or a door, and the owners will say, ‘Wow, that doesn’t even look like a security product; it looks like a normal screen.’”

Built to resist

Crimsafe screens are made of a tightly woven stainless steel mesh capable of withstanding high impact and attempted breakage. The trellis is firmly screwed into the frames and then clamped using a patented clamping system.

An intruder cannot cut the mesh with a knife and cannot smash it with a hammer or a forceful kick. The mesh is almost impossible to cross without a criminal resorting to extreme methods that would be easily noticeable by anyone in the vicinity.

During a recent home show in Seattle, Security Lynx invited hundreds of people to hit a 3-by-4-foot screen with a baseball bat. Over the course of nine days, the mesh never broke, just bowing about an inch or so.

And unlike security alarm systems, which are deactivated when you’re home, Crimsafe screens provide 24/7 protection to a home or business, even when you’re away. inside.

“You can literally leave your front door open and just lock that screen door, and that screen door is five times stronger than your front door,” says Faber. “I get texts all the time from people saying, ‘Man, we slept last night with the front door open and the patio door open. We have never felt safer.

Lynx security doors and windows can be matched with many design styles, including French doors. Photo courtesy Lynx Security

Crimsafe screen doors have three locking points, so when someone locks their door, it triggers additional latches at the top and bottom of the door.

“You can’t stick a crowbar in there and lift the corner of the door,” says Faber.

The company also manufactures emergency exit window screens called Safe-S-Capes, which allow them to be opened from the inside in the event of a fire or other emergency requiring a window exit.

All Crimsafe products are backed by a 10-year warranty, and Faber says he and owners are often impressed with the quality of the screens despite their focus on safety.

“Who wants bars on their door or window? he says. “Your neighbors don’t want to watch that either, do they?” Because it’s a dead giveaway that, ‘Oh, this is a dodgy neighborhood.’

Lynx Security sells, installs and manufactures Crimsafe window and door security screens, which provide dramatically improved security to a home or business. Photo courtesy Lynx Security

Security doors and windows can be matched with many building styles and are available in three main colors: white, beige and antique bronze. The mesh is also pet and mosquito proof and does not impede interior visibility in normal lighting conditions.

Whether it’s windows, front doors, slides or deck enclosures, Security Lynx can provide everything a customer needs to reinforce their home.

Protect local businesses

Faber says Security Lynx is seeing business pick up as more people learn about the durability of Crimsafe security screens.

The company has made installations from Seattle to Spokane and is now manufacturing the screens itself from a new store in Bellingham. This has significantly reduced the turnaround time for installations.

Commercial demands for Crimsafe products are also increasing, saving businesses time, money and headaches.

In Tacoma, Faber says a Mexican restaurant suffered five burglaries over a period of several months. Worried about skyrocketing insurance premiums due to repeated crimes, the restaurant was paying for repairs out of pocket – with expenses of up to $17,000 per incident.

After having Crimsafe windows installed by Security Lynx, an intruder returned one night. As captured on their security camera, the man attempted to break through the screen before giving up and fleeing.

Security Lynx’s installation of windows at a Mexican restaurant in Tacoma saved the company money by preventing future damage or insurance rate increases following a series of break-ins . Photo courtesy Lynx Security

“He thought he could just hit him and break the window again,” says Faber. “He was like, ‘Oh, that’s not going to work.’ So it’s definitely a deterrent.

While no one wants to worry about crime, Crimsafe products installed through Security Lynx can help make your home or business a secure fortress, without looking like one.

For more information or to get a quote, visit the Security Lynx website or call 360.922. 0978 today.


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