LVMPD has solved 100% of serial commercial thefts so far this year

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is noticing a trend in commercial theft. People with a violent criminal past commit thefts and target several businesses.

“Theft is a crime of violence,” said LVMPD Theft Crimes Bureau Captain Shane Womack. “It’s a violent crime that we are trying to stem.”

In 2022, LVMPD resolved all 16 series of commercial flights. A series means that the same person has committed several robberies.

“It’s a testament to the relentless follow through and work ethic everyone has,” Womack said.

However, the number of such thefts increased by 65% ​​compared to last year. In all 16 cases, the suspects arrested have criminal histories.

That includes Alcede Melonson, whose police invented the Rainbow revolver because the nine robberies he is charged with earlier this year took place between Rainbow and Spring Mountain. He can also be seen flashing a revolver at security cameras.

Police said he had already served two decades in prison.

Metro thanks its officers on the ground and working with the community to solve the case.

” He got [area command] involved in business. Bars, banks and convenience stores handing out flyers and communicating with landlords. This gave us the original tip that led us to determine the probable cause of the arrest,” said Lt. Joe Lepore of LVMPD Commercial Robberies.

Commercial flights include convenience stores, banks, bars and police, Las Vegas said presents additional challenges. There are many offenders from outside the area and businesses are open all hours of the night.

“We have a community where convenience stores, grocery stores are open 24 hours a day. It’s not like that in a lot of communities,” Womack said.

Each area command has a crime prevention specialist who advises companies on where to place cameras capable of capturing the faces or full bodies of thieves. They can also provide tips like avoiding patterns during money drops.

“Companies can contact these specific crime prevention specialists and conduct site assessments at these companies. They give them tips on how to prevent or at least not make such an easy target,” Lepore said.

Womack called Crime Stoppers invaluable in solving these types of crimes.

Lepore said that over the past five years, the department has solved 90% of commercial theft cases.

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