Liz Truss’ likely chief of staff lobbied government on behalf of Libya’s parliament | Liz Truss

Liz Truss’ co-campaign manager has lobbied the UK government on behalf of Libya’s controversial parliament and a company that won the biggest PPE contract of the pandemic via the VIP fast track.

Mark Fullbrook, an ally of former Boris Johnson strategist Lynton Crosby, is set to enter Downing Street as Truss’ chief of staff after working on his campaign this summer.

The political consultant set up his own company, Fullbrook Strategies, this spring and has been lobbying the UK government ever since. Its clients included Libya’s House of Representatives, which twice tried to overthrow the UN-established government of national unity in Tripoli, and Sante Global, formerly Unispace Health, which won a contract for PPE of £680 million in 2020.

The parliament, which was last elected in 2014, is seen by some as an obstacle to democratic elections in Libya and is allied with the rival government in the east of the country, which is seeking recognition from the UK and others.

When the Libyan elections were postponed last year, the British diplomatic mission to Libya published a message on his Twitter account, saying that he continued to recognize the interim government of national unity “as the authority responsible for leading Libya to elections and that he did not approve of the establishment of parallel governments or institutions “.

Fullbrook Strategies also lobbied this year on behalf of Sante Global, formerly known as Unispace Health, which was one of the biggest beneficiaries of Covid contracts during the pandemic to the tune of £680m, although that it was previously a subsidiary of an Australian office design company. .

Unispace was referred to the VIP lane for fast-track Covid PPE offers from businesses, with the referral revealed to be from “GCF Covid-19 Investigations, Mailbox, Cabinet Office”.

In February, the Department of Health said Unispace Health, now Sante Global, had provided the NHS with £484million worth of PPE items from April 2020 to December 2021, adding: “We are working with the business on a commercial resolution for the remainder of the contract.” In June, the government said it had “put in place a contract break-up team to maximize the value obtained from personal protective equipment contracts”.

Chris Bryant, Labor MP and chairman of the standards committee, said Fullbrook should “clean up all financial and client interests over the past year before entering Downing Street”.

A spokesperson for the Truss campaign said: “All Fullbrook Strategies Ltd business clients are registered on the UK Lobbying Register. The company suspended business operations on August 31.

If he enters No 10 as a chief of staff or some other senior adviser role, he will need to declare his interests and receive guidance from the government’s property and ethics team on how to prevent any conflict. A Truss campaign source said Fullbrook did not lobby Truss while she was Foreign Secretary.

His company’s website now has a message that it no longer works. However, until recently, it boasted of having “the confidence of presidents, prime ministers and international trade leaders around the world”, while describing Crosby’s C|T Group as a cousin company.

Fullbrook Biography on the website described him as having advised politicians not just in the UK, “but from South America to Sri Lanka and across much of Africa and the Middle East”.

“As a recognized campaigner and expert strategist, Boris Johnson personally asked him to lead his campaign to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in June 2019. This led to Boris becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,” he said. he declares.

“Others he has advised range from former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, for his successful campaign to take control of the United States Congress, to Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Lord David Trimble, on the peace process and the elections that took place there… Last Mark has spent a lot of time on political campaigns in Lebanon and Iraq and regularly acts as an advisor to several CEOs of major international companies.

If he takes a job at No 10, Fullbrook would be one of the most experienced political brains in the building. Others likely to land high-level positions include Ruth Porter, Truss’ co-campaign manager, and Adam Jones, its communications director. David Canzini, a former deputy chief of staff, who once worked with Fullbrook, may be one of the few former Johnson-era advisers to stay.

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