Gansu onion export price increases by more than 75% from last year


The vegetable market has recently benefited from an upward price trend. This is mainly the result of heavy rains in late July and early August. Across the country, the growth and distribution of vegetables has been hampered by these extreme weather conditions. The volume of the market supply naturally decreased, and the price therefore increased. This trend was most evident in the onion market. Most of the onion supply volume currently comes from the Gansu production areas.

“Not only has the production volume of Gansu onions increased compared to last year, but also the price. The purchase price in the production areas is now around 0.7 yuan. [0.11 USD] per 0.5 kg. And the price of top quality onions can reach 0.8 yuan [0.12 USD] per 0.5 kg. It is more than 75% higher than the price of 0.4 yuan [0.06 USD] per 0.5 kg at about the same time last year. According to Mr. Zhang Jinhua of Gansu Jinhua Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang continued, “This upward trend is mainly due to the fact that extreme weather conditions have hampered the distribution from production areas to markets, but the overall increase in demand from overseas markets is also playing a role. Export demand is much higher than in previous years. India, one of the largest onion exporters, has temporarily halted its onion exports to avoid a shortage in the domestic market. Buyers from Europe and Southeast Asia have gradually turned their attention to China. In addition, many countries are slowly relaxing measures to prevent Covid-19, which is another boost for the onion export market. As consumers start to eat out again and the food service industry begins to recover, demand from this industry will increase again. This is another reason for the rise in the price of onions. “

In the end, the onion export market is doing quite well, but like all other agricultural export products, onions also face the challenge of increasing transport costs and a shortage of sea ​​containers. Mr. Zhang explained, “Shipping prices increased at an insane rate at the start of the year, but they are no longer the case. The pace is almost normal and foreign customers have started to get used to this price. They take into account fluctuations in distribution costs. consideration when placing orders. The shortage of shipping containers is a bigger puzzle. These circumstances are beyond the control of anyone. We also have customers who occasionally cancel their orders because there are no shipping containers. “

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