Chinese import price of Thai durian is much higher than last year


A wide variety of Thai fruits are currently available in the Chinese market. The two main imported fruits are durian and mangosteen. Everyone knows that Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of fresh durian. Thailand set a new durian export record in May of this year. Although the durian production volume has increased this season, the supply is still not sufficient to meet the growing market demand. Market demand continues to exceed supply.

“Thailand can export durian to China all year round. The peak period of durian export season begins in April and continues through October. The Chinese market price of Thai durian is steadily increasing. overall price is much higher than last year. We mainly sell My Thong [Golden Pillow] durian. And we mainly supply these durians to group buyers and e-commerce platforms. This is what Mr. Wang Ruilong of Shaanxi Jiafeng Vegetables and Fruit Trade Co., Ltd. said.

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Mr. Wang Ruilong added, “Everyone knows that most of the durians imported into the Chinese market come from Thailand and Malaysia. However, the volume from Thailand has grown steadily over the past few years. In addition, the production volume in Thailand is much larger than in Malaysia, which helps Thai durian suppliers to ensure constant supply and stable price. In addition, Malaysia mainly grows Musang King durian. Thailand grows a greater variety of durian and is better able to satisfy the varied tastes of different consumer groups. Among Mon Thong, Chanee and Kanyao durians, Mon Thong is the most popular in the Chinese market. Over 95% of the volume of Chinese imports of Thai durian consists of Mon Thong durian. “

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The terms of sale of Thai mangosteen are very different from Thai durian. The mangosteen export season is in full swing in Thailand. Most of the supply currently comes from eastern Thailand. “The new season has already started some time ago. We expect the supply season to continue for another two months. Selling conditions are not good this season, especially now that the supply volume is increasing. prices keep falling. “

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