Chinese ginger export price stable


The Chinese ginger market is going as usual and the export price has been stable for some time. The current price of Chinese ginger destined for Europe is around $ 2,100-2,200 per tonne. The main competitor of Chinese ginger in the international market is Peruvian ginger. First, Peruvian ginger exports are growing rapidly. in 2020, Peru became the world’s fourth largest exporter of ginger, just behind China, Thailand and the Netherlands. Second, Peru has a huge supply volume of organic ginger. Third, the price of Peruvian ginger is currently lower than the price of Chinese ginger. Still, most of the overseas customers prefer Chinese ginger. This is why China remains the leader in the international ginger market.

“The main problems in the international ginger market are the shortage of shipping containers and the high price of shipping. Although the price of shipping temporarily fell in March, it started to rise again in April. This is especially true for shipping routes between China and the United States or Canada. The price of shipping to Europe is also increasing, but the increase is not as large. ”According to Jason of Anqiu Tailai Foods Co., Ltd.

Jason also explained that “the increase in the price of maritime transport is mainly the result of a reduction in transport capacity. Some ships halted operations during this pandemic, leaving fewer ships available for international transport. Another reason is that sea containers are not processed so quickly. as before due to measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This is why the storage space is stretched. Some news suggests that the fresh ginger delivery volume is not that big this year, but the frozen and frozen ginger delivery volumes have increased. It’s the off season for ginger, but the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t affected market demand for ginger much. Foreign demand for Chinese ginger remains stable.

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