Chinese ginger export price is much higher than last year


Chinese ginger export price increased ahead of national day [1 October, 2020] and this trend has continued. It is only recently that the price has stabilized. The current export price is around $ 3,400 per tonne. The main reason why the price of ginger remains high is that the volume of supply of premium ginger is decreasing.

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The price of Chinese ginger is quite high for processing factories. And the quality of the products is not guaranteed at this stage of the season, many processing factories have already temporarily shut down their operations. Foreign buyers are divided in their reaction to the high price of Chinese ginger. Some looked to suppliers in Brazil, Thailand and Peru, while others looked to the recent Chinese ginger crop.

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“The arrival price of the newly harvested air-dried ginger is around $ 2,200-2,400 per tonne. This price is much higher than last year, when the export price was around USD 1,400-1,500 per tonne. The price has increased by over 55%. The price of yellow ginger was high last year, which is one of the reasons why the price of fresh ginger is also high this year, but another reason is the high demand from the domestic market. Jason d’Anqiu Tailai Foods Co., Ltd.

Fresh ginger

Asked about the impact of the second lockdown in Europe on Chinese ginger exports, Director Jason replied: “Although many European countries have entered a second lockdown, transport will not be affected in the same way as before. . The production volume and product quality of Chinese ginger are both excellent this year. We have already received pre-orders of fresh ginger from a number of overseas buyers. We ship most of our ginger between December and March, and we have a lot of stock in our warehouse. We welcome customer orders for our premium ginger. “

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