Chinese ginger export price increased by 40%


The first ginger of the season that was exported from China to overseas markets was harvested too early and the quality of the product was not ideal. Some even had black spots. This early season ginger supply volume is already depleted and has been absorbed by the overseas market. The quality of the products of the most recent supplies conforms to the standards.

“Our order volume and export volume are currently stable, but the main problem remains the shortage of sea containers. Reefer containers are particularly difficult to find. The regular price for exporting from China to Europe is around 2000 USD per container. This price has already increased to around $ 9,000 per container. This is almost four times the original price, ”said director Chen.

In addition, the price had already increased because last season’s storage volume was quite low and market demand exceeded supply. The price of ginger is almost 20% higher than around the same time last year. The export price for Chinese ginger destined for the Netherlands is currently US $ 2,300 per tonne. The export price for the European market is almost 40% higher than at around the same time last year. “

“From December of last year, the volume of exports increased rapidly. And the overall volume of exports last year was already higher than in recent years. The main reason for this increase is the Covid-19 epidemic, which has boosted consumer demand for vegetables that boost the immune system. “

However, rising shipping costs have increased the pressure to compete with other ginger supplier countries, Director Chen said. “Some foreign buyers have turned to Peruvian suppliers because of the high shipping costs. However, the production volume in Peru is much lower than in China. And Peru is still struggling to contain the outbreak of Covid-19. Ultimately, however, while Peru creates some competition, there is no real threat to Chinese ginger exports. “

Asked about the future prospects of the Chinese ginger market, Director Chen replied, “This year, the production volume was plentiful, but the weather conditions were not great and the ginger retained a lot of moisture, which reduced the quality of the product. Ginger spoils easily. . In the second half of this season, once some of the stored ginger has been absorbed into the market, there may be a shortage of supply which drives up the price. “

The new ginger plants will be planted in March. The overall area devoted to planting ginger is expected to expand significantly. This is mainly because the price of ginger has been high for two years. The farmers are quite optimistic about the coming season and eager to increase the volume of production and increase their profits.

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