Chinese garlic export price increased 10-15% from last year


The buying season of garlic for storage is already over. The export price of garlic increased rapidly for a brief period in August for various reasons. Farmers reacted to this development with an eagerness to sell, but warehouse owners were more in conflict. This is why the price of garlic quickly fell again. In a short time, the price rose from 2.5 yuan [0.39 USD] per 0.5 kg to 2.2 yuan [0.34 USD] per 0.5 kg. The price then recovered as new buyers entered the market, and in the second half of August the price stabilized.

Garlic processing plant

“The supply of Chinese garlic to Europe is relatively stable. The current export price is about 10% to 15% higher than the same period last year. The overseas market demand is lower than usual, but this has no visible impact on the speed of garlic export. in China.

“There are three reasons for this situation: First, foreign demand weakened during the pandemic. Second, rising shipping costs and the shortage of shipping containers are obstacles for the export of Chinese garlic. Third, garlic production volumes in overseas production areas have increased this year. Brazil, Turkey and Iran have all benefited from bountiful garlic harvests. These developments have weakened China’s position in the international garlic market to some extent. This is according to Mr. Lee of the Pioneer Garlic Group.


Pioneer Garlic Group exports Chinese garlic to many markets around the world. Chinese garlic export volumes to the Brazilian and Turkish markets both declined by more than 80%. This is mainly because these markets have weakened. The Pioneer Garlic Group now exports mainly garlic to Central America and Europe, with a small additional supply volume for Africa.

Asked about the outlook for the market, Mr. Lee replied, “There are two decisive factors for the development of the market. First, the volume of garlic stores in September. Personally, I think the volume of reserves is about 4,400,000 tonnes. This means that the reserves are quite large. , and therefore the market price cannot easily increase. There may even be a small drop in prices. Second, the announcement of the overall area devoted to garlic planting in October will have a big impact on the market outlook.

Garlic processing plant

Pioneer Garlic Group is located in Mamiao Town, Jinxiang County, also known as “Chinese Hometown of Garlic”. Mamiao Town has a long history of garlic cultivation. This is the only place in China where Pure White garlic grows. The quality of the Mamiao garlic product is exceptional. Many exporters and processing plants are concentrated in this area and in neighboring towns. After years of development, the company has grown into a modernized garlic supplier that integrates agricultural by-product production, purchasing, processing and cold storage.

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