CBS Solar maintains its status as a carbon-neutral company

COPEMISH – CBS Solar is a company that prides itself on being a leader in the solar energy industry.

“It is important (that the company) sets a good example in the use and efficiency of electricity,” according to a press release.

Since January 2021, CBS Solar has operated as a carbon neutral company, meaning it produces more energy than it consumes.

“It’s important that we practice what we preach,” CBS Solar founder and president Allan O’Shea said in a press release. “Between our on-site Solar Super Tracker and fixed solar panels, and the conservation measures we have taken in our office and factory, we are able to maintain and exceed our own energy needs.”

Besides making him feel good, O’Shea said the move was positive for the bottom line.

“Instead of a power bill every month, most months, we have a credit,” he said O’Shea. “These savings have a direct impact on our bottom line. I don’t know about you, but I prefer a credit to an expense.

A press release indicates that in addition to the solar power generated by the company, extensive measures have been taken to reduce the amount of energy used each month, such as the installation of high-efficiency LED lights, l switching off lights and equipment when not in use and the commitment of employees to implement a sustainable development plan.

“It’s really a mindset,” O’Shea said of the effort to become a net-neutral organization. “We also commit to it in our daily lives and lifestyles. You will notice several hybrid or electric vehicles in our parking lot. We have three charging stations for electric vehicles as well as a dedicated Tesla charging station. Some of our employees have solar systems in their homes.”

O’Shea encourages other business owners to take the first step.

“Becoming carbon neutral is achievable if you make it a priority,” O’Shea said. “It starts with developing and implementing a sustainability plan and embedding it into your corporate culture.”

Sample sustainability plans are available online or business owners can contact their local utility company for guidelines. Companies that focus on carbon neutrality commit to long-term investment, which often begins with implementing a solar power system, O’Shea said.

He cites Short’s Brewing Company as an example of a company committed to the sustainability process.

“We installed a system at the Short’s Brewing facility in Elk Rapids in 2015 that generates annual power output that’s about 7% of their annual usage,” O’Shea said. “In the long run, that 7% will go straight to their bottom line.”

CBS Solar is a family business located in Copemish and is a recognized leader in residential and commercial solar power systems. For more information about CBS Solar, visit

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