Blackburn Business Park set for second new retail development

A BLACKBURN company has proposed a second major development on an industrial area of ​​the city by converting a parking lot into commercial units.

The job creation scheme for three large buildings containing ten separate workshops and warehouses is planned for the Glenfield Business Park near Philips Road, Little Harwood.

It was offered by CRE Investments LLP of Adhan House in Preston New Road.

Its Blackburn application to Darwen Council for planning permission follows the company’s approval in December for 20 job-creating industrial units in five new buildings on disused land near Challenge Way.

Work on this scheme is currently in progress.

Documents submitted with the latest application state: “The site is part of a mixed-use industrial site which forms the Glenfield Business Park.

“The site is currently used primarily for car and truck parking with a small section containing the Philips Road Electricity substation surrounded by an existing wall and existing storage

building to the south.

“The proposed use will be for three new industrial buildings with a total of 101 parking spaces on the site.

“The proposed buildings will include;

“* Units A to E – a building divided into five units, two-storey offices in each with a large open space;

“* Units F to G – a building divided into three units, offices of two floors each with a large open space; and

“*Unit I – a building with two-story offices and a large open space.

“The proposal seeks to develop an underutilized area of ​​land to provide commercial development which will provide employment opportunities for the district.

“The type of business unit and its design were influenced by discussions with the end user.

“The three buildings follow a cohesive design approach.

“The facades feature a combination of Merlin Gray and Pure Gray flat panel cladding that transition into a vertically laid profiled cladding that wraps around the sides and rear of the buildings continuing the same color pattern.

“The ground floors of the elevation will be of blue-grey brickwork.

“Appropriate landscaping will be provided. This will include surrounding new planting on the site.

“Primary vehicle access will be from a new access road off Challenge Way.

“The proposal will have appropriate security measures in place that will help to enhance this area which is currently insecure and of poor aesthetic appeal in relation to its surroundings.

“The proposed buildings will benefit the area by building on existing industrial units in the Glenfield Business Park and improving economic output.”

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