Batavia enters the commercial manufacturing sector

Batavia Biosciences expands its portfolio of contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) services (R&D and clinical manufacturing) to include commercial manufacturing services. The company has finalized the design plans for its new 12,000 square meter building to be realized at Bioscience Park in Leiden, the Netherlands. The manufacturing plant is expected to be operational around the third quarter of 2024.

The multi-product facility is designed to support late-stage clinical manufacturing and commercial manufacturing of vaccines and viral vector-based gene therapy products and immuno-oncology products. Batavia’s highly scaled-up manufacturing technology, HIP-Vax, which uses fixed-bed bioreactors, will be the primary platform, but products made using traditional mammalian cell suspension technologies up to scale of 1,000 liters can also be easily delivered. The facility is based on a modular design, with 6 production suites. On-site state-of-the-art fill-finish capabilities ensure on-time delivery of pharmaceutical product. Depending on the type of virus/vector, the facility is expected to supply several hundred million doses per year.

“This is a major milestone for Batavia as the company moves from a CDMO that could only assist its customers in clinical R&D and manufacturing, to now a ‘one stop shop’ where it will be able to support customers from conceptual product idea through full market launch and commercial manufacturing,” said Menzo Havenga, CEO of Batavia Biosciences.

Chris Yallop, CSO at Batavia Biosciences, said: “This facility provides a valuable resource to ensure the manufacture of essential new medicines, including low-cost global health vaccines, epidemic and pandemic preparedness vaccines, gene therapy and virotherapy treatments.

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